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Why Were You Late

“Why Were You Late…Five Years Later”

Every now and then, (this time then is five years later), a teachable moment comes along when the same message is worth hearing. (Certainly not to the folks who read this newsletter.) This time, I was exposed to a situation some of you have lived all to often…that employee who just can’t seem to get to work on-time…or at all:

The kids were sick, the car fell apart

The cat ran away, my hair wouldn’t start.

I overslept, the traffic was bad

The bird got out, the dog turned mad.

Our house was robbed, the kids missed the bus

My allergies were bothered by the pollen and dust.

The train was stalled, the red light stuck.

Can you believe my rotten luck?

I stubbed my toe, I bumped my head

Our roof blew off, my eyes were red.

The basement flooded, the pipes were froze

I lost my shoes, I broke my nose.

The boss wants me, must be a raise

Or maybe just some well-deserved praise.

My ears deceive me, this can’t be true

“Late once more and you are through.”

Doesn’t he know the brains it takes

To think of all the excuses I make?

It takes a knack to always be late

A talent that few appreciate.

I hope the head-shaking is by only a few of you; but in the event that the actual number is higher, my suggestion is to address and deal with it, rather than ignore and delay addressing it. Others are watching to see where your tolerance level really is…and very importantly, if you tolerate this “availability to the job”, “do you really even know that I’m here and on time everyday?”

My appreciation to my wife who has the poetic talents.


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