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We have all experienced unexpected change.


All of us have been faced with predicaments that called for us to make choices of what to do next. Some predicaments are pleasant. Some predicaments are unpleasant, troublesome or possibly trying. Predicaments can be described as obstacles or setbacks to achieving or realizing our goals or objectives. However, predicaments may not be a consequence of anything we have consciously done.


Either way, we still have to deal with them. NALP is Plan spelled backward but NALPing is not the opposite of planning. NALPing is choosing to move forward with Intent and with our Core Values uppermost in our minds.

NALP, the book, is available by contacting Top Line Performance. NALP is also available in a workshop or two-day retreat formats. Experience the power from the discovery of your new-found ability to deal with the predicaments that come every day. This faith-based perspective on living life will provide participants with renewed validation for those NALPers who didn't know they were NALPing.

Team Development
Leadership Coaching
Supervisory Skills
Organization Development
Performance Improvement
Conflict Resolution
Core Skills Development

Many of you have been asking for it and now it's here!


A collection of 52 of the ones you have liked the most.

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