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Start Where You Are

Could you ever get everybody in your department “on the same page”?


Maybe you recently “inherited” your current staff as part of your changed role and responsibility. Or, maybe you have decided to no longer tolerate some of the “negative” and unhealthy workplace conditions that seem to have infiltrated the workplace culture in this post-Covid era. Conditions like “reduced engagement” by workers toward their job. Or, maybe a new, lower level of incivility of treatment from one worker towards another worker. Or, you have drawn a line in your head about the need to raise the level of respect shared between bosses and subordinates and by the disrespect shown by peers who spend so much time together each and every day. So, why not expect better?


Have you ever thought about convening a meeting to “drive a stake in the ground”? A great reason for this meeting might be your recent ascension into your role, as mentioned earlier. A “I was previously your peer and now I’m your Supervisor” so let’s talk about this new relationship.” Or, if you’ve been the Supervisor over a group for some time; “I’ve been observing how we have been doing what we do and I want to make some changes”.


This first meeting sets the stage for future ongoing meetings to discuss progress or setbacks. These future meetings will be made more effective and successful with a set of behavior expectations and ground rules. Subjects might include routine revisiting of topics like “What does good look like?” and how each member of the staff might do more to make the workplace culture one that all would want to be a part of. These meetings would also be great opportunities for you to educate, interpret, explain and answer questions they might have.  They would be places where people ask and answer questions. They would be places where “respect for each other” is reinforced. And, they would be places where you, their supervisor, evidence your awareness that they contribute, that they exist, and that they have value.


Go ahead. Try it. I dare you.



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