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So, what’s all the fuss about self-esteem?

You, as a Supervisor of People, have an enormous opportunity every day. You will contribute to developing the “self-esteem” of every member of your Staff. Ok, is this going to be one of those “touchy feelie” newsletters? Hmm, maybe you won’t know until after you read it.


First of all, what is self-esteem? Self-esteem is how we perceive ourselves. And, it’s our perception of how others perceive us. (It’s that “others” that are YOU.)  A person’s self-esteem influences how people make decisions, interact with other people and, oh yes, how they approach doing their job.


You know, should I go to work today? Will anyone even know that I’m there? Does anybody know if I’d like to do my job better? How long will it take to feel like I’m considered a contributing part of the team?


This is where you, the Supervisor, come in.


If you want to improve the overall performance of your employees, do things that will enhance their self-esteem. Things like Recognizing that the person is there, that they showed up, and you know it. When you see someone doing something good, recognize it out loud. That will go a long way to that performance being repeated. Invest in “growing their skills”. That tells them they have “value”.  You take it from here:


So, that’s the fuss. Was it too touchy-feelie? IKR




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