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So How The Heck Are Ya Doin'?

Good Morning,

Just reaching out to check on how you are doing.

If you are working from home or self-quarantined, isn’t it interesting the things your mind might wander too? (Isn’t “interesting” an interesting word?)

I also want to extend an invitation. Is there’s a supervisory issue or problem that is occupying your thoughts?

If I might be of help or just a sounding-board, please feel free to call or connect by email to address some of the issues below. I’ve got some free time. (“Free”)

· People issues (I hope you read the “Donkey” newsletter at

· Problem and Decision Making

· Staff Inventory (now is a great time to consider this one)

· Etc.

And, since I was talking about Donkeys, have you ever gone to see how many “So How’s That Working For You?” newsletters are archived in the Blog menu button. There could be a few chuckles and even some learning reminders.

May You and Yours stay safe and healthy.

Website: Phone: 585-953-1511


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