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Regrets…got any?

Those wonderful internet dictionary people describe regret as: “to feel sad or disappointed over actions, decisions or words, or a missed opportunity”.

Therefore, (Is there always a therefore?) how about some random considerations about regrets…that hopefully I will not regret later?

  • “If I had only…”, “I could have and should have…”, Sentence starters to eliminate from your vocabulary.

  • If the plan doesn’t work, change your plan not your goal. (If you’ve been reading So How’s That Working For You? for very long, you’ll recognize this one as a “NALP” tenant.)

  • Whenever you feel like giving up, remember all the people you want to prove wrong.

  • Note to self; don’t focus on the negative. Focus on the possibility.

  • Persist. Think about it. The Grand Canyon gets deeper because of the persistence of the Colorado River running through it. (It has created a pretty impressive hole in the ground.)

  • There are two people you should be GOOD to; “another” and “yourself”. Try it.

  • Be willing to take “your” journey…nobody has it all figured out.

Some of us may reflect on our youth being full of awkwardness and naïve decisions. And, adulthood, on the other hand, is often described as a journey full of challenges and obstacles to overcome. But, as you get older in years, I hope you reflect and remember; my hope for you is that you have more smiles than frowns.

But, it’s up to you.



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