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The Sum of Your Decisions

…add up to the essence of your life.

And that “essence” connotes the “special meaning” of what you have or have not done with your life.

Sometimes the right thing and the hardest thing that you are faced with making a decision about…are the same thing. When faced with difficult decisions, lean on your core values. They will serve you well.

Life is full of predicaments. You know what predicaments are don’t you? Predicaments are those “unexpected” changes that occur. You know, sometimes for good outcomes, but not always. How we deal with these predicaments result in choices we will make.

Your last decision may be whatever choice you make versus an alternative choice or option. But there is a difference between “choosing not to do something and choosing to do nothing”.

“There are also times good people makes bad choices. It doesn’t mean they’re bad, it means they’re humans.” Anonymous. That’s one I’m glad is out there.

Choices and Decisions may also be synonymous with “options” as to how you choose to interact with the world around you. If you don’t like your situation…make different choices, different decisions.

Your last decision does not define who you are…it’s just your last decision. But, here’s a hint for you…just in case it was your last decision…try to make it a good one. (IKR…you’re welcome.)



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