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Leaders, Goals,You, the Ones You Direct

Leaders and Goals for Themselves and the Ones they Direct.

A question for you…How much do you like yourself? Ok, several questions:

  • Is there room for personal growth in how well you are doing your job?

  • Can you identify 3 things you are proud of about your ability as you do your job? (They don’t have to be at the “expert” level of performance; just done well enough to be a benchmark for your direct reports. And you feel good about saying “I did that.”)

  • In those three things; do you measure yourself each day to recognize specific effort applied in that area?

The really top performers measure themselves against their goals for themselves. They strive and sometimes fall short. They make mistakes and “own” those mistakes. (And sometimes they need the help of those around them to get “better”.)

Here’s a grandiose statement: “Life and work are more appreciated when you feel good about what and how well you spend your time “living”. Constantly raising the bar to be your best; not only out of respect for “yourself”; but because you respect the people you guide and lead.

Speaking of “leading” … Leaders see “people opportunities” in every day and every week. Leaders not only develop and grow themselves, they develop and grow the people they spend more time with every day than they spend time with people outside of work. (You do the math.)

You don’t need permission to look for opportunities to show respect, extend value toward the people you guide and direct and “raise the bottom” of their capabilities. The result; they feel better about themselves and you have a better reason to “stand tall” for what you are doing for you and them.

Think about it.

And, I’ll leave you with a bit of wisdom from that person “Anonymous”. Be careful about lining up behind, following the “masses”. Every now and then the M gets lost and you might find yourself following the… you can take it from here.


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