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Put your "take action" hat on...

Just Because…

Some things for you to ponder as you take your next drink of coffee:

- Have you ever given a gift to someone for no reason other than “just because”?

- Just because you eat natural foods does that mean when you die, it will be “of natural causes”?

- Have you ever complimented the people who report to you “for a job well done”, just because?

- Just because you had a bit of extra time, have you ever wondered how the creator of the first clock knew what time it was?

- Have you ever slowed down long enough to “actually show one of your direct reports what GOOD looks like, just because you wanted to set them up to be successful?

- Just because you actually listen to what someone is saying; have you ever pondered why people proclaim they “slept like a baby”, when babies wake up every 2 hours?

- Have you ever made a commitment to surrounding your top performers with other top performers…just because you spend the greatest portion of your 24 hr. day working with them?

- Have you ever thought about creating a legacy of Care and Respect for others…just because?

Go forth and ponder. Then, take action.

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