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Investing In You

Investing in YOU

You and I go to work every day.

We each have 86,400 seconds. given to us every day. (Ok, I can tell some of you have already run the numbers.) How are you using your 86,400 seconds each day? You cannot carry any over to tomorrow. You can’t give any to anyone. But, they will be all spent.

Have you allowed others around you to waste or misuse your 86,400 seconds.? Are you making low quality decisions about how you are navigating your day?

Or, are using your 86,400 seconds. well? Do you value your time? Do you approach your Role and Responsibility with an attitude of “when I grow professionally, I expose myself to being happier.” (Sound sort of “mushy, touchy-feelie”.) Well, get over it.

Studies show that the happiest people are evaluating and improving themselves. And, the flip-side is also undeniable, unhappy people are often evaluating and judging others. The latter is sort of unconsciously rationalizing why they are not pursuing their own best.

Here’s a little factoid to make the point. If you are a supervisor or manager, think long and hard about “exit interviews”. Studies say exiting employees are “leaving the boss.”. That is the number one reason. Yup, the number one reason. In this current market, your applicant numbers may be low. It makes it staffing harder.

But what is in your control is increasing retention…by liking yourself well enough to dare to connect with your Staff, showing respect and utilizing Positive Accountability…you surround yourself with people you are willing to invest in. It’s a win-win for use of your 86,400. And, it’s contagious.

Wait till you start getting the ROI for investing in you.



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