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Choosing Not To Decide is also a Choice

“If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.” Rush

We are, as alluded to in an old Chinese saying, “Living in interesting times.”. There are many things that we are dealing with right now, that we have not encountered before. This calls for making choices of how to react and how to deal-with challenges every day.

There are, however, somethings that pop-up as challenges and issues that we have to deal with that were popping-up before this virus-related, headache causing, irritating time we are now in.

Emotions may be high, nerves may be raw, and needed laser-focused attention to detail may get interrupted by the simplest distraction. And, at times, confusion may reign.

And, oh by the way, (IKR, OBTW.) Some of you have been on-the-job from the very start. Others of you may not be working. Odds are, both groups have experienced either “Why do I have to work and others don’t?” or “I want, need to work but they won’t let me.” (Enter here your own frustration statement___________)

If you are in the “working” group, during this Virus period, the people you Supervise need your calmness and even-handedness now more than ever. They need consistency in your response to issues that arise. They need a boss now more than ever that, with patience, hold to “what GOOD looks like”. Right now those Three C’s will be good friends to you. (You do remember Confirm, Correct, and Clarify.)

And whether you’re in the “working Group” or the “not-working-now” group, think of your co-workers. Reach-out and Check-in with a supportive email or short phone call. For example, as a Supervisor, have you simply sent a “Howdy email” to those subordinates who have been furloughed? It’s not that hard.

So what choices are you making?

And, I’ll close with some thoughts that might make you think. (IKR more redundancy “thoughts” and “thinking.”) As I “work from home”, I have time to ponder:

  • Why do psychics ask you for your name?

  • Aren’t “conclusions” often a place where people got tired of thinking?

  • The problem with the “gene pool” is there’s no lifeguard.

  • People who have a track record of not succeeding on their first try, should probably pass on skydiving.

Choose to Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.


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