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Behaviors: A different Take

Have you ever stopped to think about our behaviors having consequences? I have. NO? OK. So let me  share some of my observations. So, strap in for some irreverent and sarcastic examples.


I recently read that “people don’t leave because things are hard”, but rather they leave because they don’t perceive a positive “ROI”, return on their investment of “Themselves” if they persisted.


Companies often declare that they have a “probation” period within which they, the employer, declare at the beginning of the employment relationship. They have the prerogative to terminate the employment subject to “good performance” being delivered by the employee. Here’s an alternative perspective. New hires put their new employer and new supervisor on probation as well.


Have you ever wondered how far you might go? Remember the battles you have won? Hopefully done, as you look into the future, remembering how far you have come…and who may have helped you. Now, can you help someone else grow into their future?


And finally, never lose sight of this reality: You can’t change what’s going on around you until you start changing what’s going on with you. Do your Top Performers know you consider them Top Performers. Make it your agenda to surround them with other Top Performers. Then commit to creating successful New-Hires.


Unfortunately, there is not an elevator to success. We, mere mortals, all have to take the stairs. But no where does it say we have to climb them alone.


(For those of those of you who missed me over the last two weeks, I was tending to a family illness. It’s good to be back.)



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