Appreciate / Anticipate

2,4,6,8, Who Do You Appreciate?

So, a cheer from our childhood. Cutesy, uplifting, and easy to remember. It’s for Kid Sports and that’s it right.

So, what might it have to do with a grown-up, business-related “stuff”. (Remember, Stuff is one of my technical terms. IKR)

Google dictionary defines appreciate to “value, respect, prize, cherish, treasure…”. Secondary definitions include to “acknowledge, recognize, and realize”.

As all of us (individuals and companies) are moving through “interesting times”. Phrases like “the new normal” are part of everyone’s vocabulary. Quite often, all too often, we use words with different levels of intent. For example. You may have heard someone say “that they Cherish” a “valued” employee (see Google dictionary definition above.) Wow, those are really nice descriptors.

But, (isn’t there always a “but”?) in business do you always “appreciate” the possible implications of an event or predicament that arises? I don’t always find that to be the case. Take these situations under consideration:

  • COVID has forced you to make changes in “what you do and how you do it”, employees aren’t automatically rushing back to the job after “re-opening” was announced”, or maybe word has surfaced that a major competitor is coming to town.

Are you “aware” of any of these situations having shown up on your radar as a decision-maker? This is where “appreciation’s” second definitions come up? As a reminder, Secondary Definitions include to “acknowledge, recognize, and realize”. Have you, has your Team, taken a pause long enough to ask and answer questions like:

  • How will this new “reality” affect my business, my department?

  • Do you appreciate that a new competitor coming to town might mean employee loss as the new employer might recruit them?

  • Do you also appreciate that this new competitor might try to promote that they bring the newest and the most up to date equipment and technology? Are there unplanned for expenditures that may be necessary?

  • Does your Leadership Team “appreciate” the reality of “highly charged, social impact issues” that is/has already called for changes in the workplace culture? Really?

I do hope you appreciate the changes that are coming; that may already be here. Don’t be shy about getting help when it’s needed. (I know where to find it.) IKR


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