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Your Ride Home...

I haven’t met a Supervisor who hasn’t said, “My plate is overfull”. Do you feel the same way? Is your “plate” overfull?

Then I have an idea for you. Make your ride home a “selfish ride home”.

Remember what got you promoted; what has kept you in a Supervisory role? You were recognized by your Supervisor, and your Management as a person “who gets things done”.

So take inventory of your skills and strengths, and go ahead and give yourself credit for “knowing how to”.

So what did you “do right” today? Did you reach a production goal? Did you impress your boss with your anticipation skill and “avoid a problem”? Did you interact with a New Hire in a way that told him/her that you wanted them to succeed? Did you “positively reinforce” one of your “regular” staff for doing a good job in a way that told them that you were aware of their contribution to getting things done “the right way?

And, having a “counseling conversation” with one of your staff might apply, especially if you did it well.

By well, I mean you had prepared a Plan and followed it. Did you use the three C’s, empathetic questions to engage the employee while getting information for yourself. And, did you stick to your plan and get ownership of the changes necessary by their participation, themself?

There can be some rides home, that are like a dark cloud is over you; thinking of all the things waiting for you again tomorrow. Don’t let that happen. Make your ride home a time that you give yourself credit for doing things well. Even small wins, add up. Maybe you kept a new hire from quitting. Maybe you did achieve the goal that Management gave you. Give yourself credit for doing more than just “going through the motions”.

Try it. I dare you.



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