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You Will Be Known By What You Do

OK, this is going to be something for “Brushing your teeth at the mirror” truth talk…

The long-view: Can you think of a Supervisor who had inherited a staff that included some who chose to skim under the radar, and underperform because they could get away with it. It is called (always has been called) “complacency” by the staff and by the Supervisor. But it just continued.

Long-view example number 2: Have you ever observed the Supervisor of a department who has been in their role for more than a couple of years? And that Supervisor just hasn’t taken action to address “CREEPING-UNDER-PRODUCTIVITY”. They are capable of higher achievement but they just haven’t taken action.

Taking the long view is typically relatively easy to contemplate “What if’s” about other people.

Now let’s get closer to home.

Have you gotten up and gone-through-the motions: of sometimes guiding, sometimes growing and sometimes even getting close to leading your people”?

OK, Truth Time, did you once have an “energy” about your work that somehow seems to have gotten lost along the way? Did you even look forward to coming to work once?

Oops, did some of those make you uncomfortable as you brushed your teeth? IKR

So, here’s my idea. Don’t make it harder than it has to be. Take a cue from my buddy Shamgar. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do the best that you can.

I dare you.


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