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Work and Research...all for you.

Authoring a mesmerizing newsletter weekly takes ongoing research. (I know you appreciate the work involved.) And, as I have professed more than once, I do have this appreciation for words.

For example, the origin of words is a great source of learning:

  • The word mortgage comes from Old French, and translates to “death pledge”. IKR

  • And the term “Lukewarm” comes from Middle English wherein “luke” actually means warm, so warmwarm, (Isn’t that repetitively redundant?)

  • And, from Gaelic origins, “whiskey” is “water of life”. Go figure.

  • Then there is the word “Nice” it comes from the Latin vocabulary meaning “ignorant”. (Ok, now count how many times you use the word “nice” today. They may read my newsletter too.)

  • And, the business term “loophole” comes from 16th century English and referred to the small slits in the castle walls to shoot arrows from.

  • Not to be left out, “sarcasm” has Greek origins and means to “tear flesh”. Ouch!

  • And, the word “robot” comes from the Czech word in the 1920s in a science fiction play where “robota” meant “forced labor”.

  • And, finally, “cold-feet” is American English from the 1890’s referring to soldiers who could not rush-into-battle (possibly due to the wintery conditions of a pending battle, poor footwear leading to immobilization. (I wonder if all cold feet were real or only assumed?)

So, let me close by hoping you don’t feel like a robot. May you not have to look for any loopholes, nor feel only a lukewarm acknowledgment of your work and efforts. (That sounds like “Nice job Pat.”…but not meant, I'm sure.) May you always be mindful of the sarcasm you utter toward others or you may feel your mortgage looming over your head. May you be able to pick your own battles and never get cold feet.

Now feel free to get a drink of water when you get home tonight, on me.


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