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Why Make Shaping Behavior Harder Than It Has To be?

Ever heard of “subliminal messaging”?

It is the use of “hidden messaging” to influence decision-making and the “choices” you make in everything from the products you buy to how you might coax someone to follow your lead.

You’ve probably heard (or seen) examples of advertising in print-form and TV ads where there were hidden images or words somewhere in the background or on the product itself. Those words and images are calculated to be seen by your brain but not necessarily in-the-moment by the viewer. It’s the use of influencing words and images that you will, ultimately, associate with that particular product. And, with new, available technology like Photoshop, “faint, transparent words and images” can be placed in the print or video advertisement. It was actually done in a national-level, political campaign with the word RATS running through the ad. All done in the attempt to influence behaviors.

I don’t suggest you incorporate subliminal messaging as a supervisory style or approach to managing people. Unless you are exceptionally good at it, it can boomerang on you and create the undesired behavior.

I suggest you openly:

  • “continuously define what GOOD looks like”,

  • “reinforce Positive behaviors in the moment”

  • “prove your genuineness by being consistently consistent”

  • “don’t be subliminal, be direct”

Have you found the subliminal message in this newsletter?

Pat is really good at what he does. (I couldn’t help it.)



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