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Whose Job Is Training?

Whose Job Is Training?

How do you see yourself when it comes to performing your job?

Are you still inclined to perform the tasks of your prior job? It’s easy to fall into rationalizing why you are still doing those things you previously did before your promotion or appointment. Those things make up a “comfort zone”. Those things you used to do are where you have the greatest joy and greatest confidence. But, those things aren’t your new role. Your role as a Manager or Supervisor calls for you to deliver more through the direction, guidance and development of others than you could ever deliver on you own.

But, another but, (IKR) remember, the “development of people” is much, much more than the direction of things. People are more than “things”.

Top Line Performance (my company), has exposed me to wonderful opportunities wherein I get to learn and grow by the very nature of the diverse businesses and the equally diverse employees I am fortunate to work with. One of my “Key Learnings” is that the solution to many of the problems a company faces is resident in the people who already work in that company. The talent just hasn’t been tapped-into.

At different times, and more times than just one, I have encountered the same misconception: “The training and development of people is the responsibility of those (wonderful) people in Human Resources.” It couldn’t be further from the truth. For the people who report to you, it’s YOU. Trying to dodge the accountability means to put limits on yourself.

An African proverb says, “If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk with others.” Think about it.

Good leadership sets high standards and then helps others achieve them. You might initially be able to do things faster; but if you never invest in training those who report to you to do more, you have only yourself to blame. Will they make mistakes early on? Yes, but so did you.

So; I’ll leave you with another proverb: “Better to make a mistake at the beginning than at the end.” (Trust me. It will bring a wise smile to your face when you get this one.)


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