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Who Said What?

Do You Ever Do Nothing Because You Have Too Much To Do?

Did you ever leave yourself a reminder and then you didn’t remember what it was for? (IKR Me too.)

Want to make a bet? I’ll bet you a dollar that on your death bed, you’ll never say again, “I’m a terrible procrastinator.”

Which are you, a counterfeit faker of a counterfeit fake?

It’s been my observation that amnesiacs who suffer memory loss don’t remember it…or have memoirs.

It’s a secret between all of us.

How come when a cow has their hoof in their mouth it’s a disease; but when I put my foot in my mouth people have been known to laugh at me?

I’d describe you as superficial; but that’s too deep.

The hardest thing to resist is temptation. I dare you.

Ok, take a nap. It’s a sure cure for insomnia.

Hospitals aren’t healthy. You could go in well and come out sick.

That’s not safe. If you break a leg, run to somebody else.

To turn off your computer just click the start button.

“My boss paid me a compliment today. He said I was pretty. Actually, someone else who was there said he said I was pretty bad at what I do. I just chose to stop listening after pretty.”

And one last observation, “look at the people around you (or maybe in the mirror) that person may be the last to know two things: 1) when they have died and possibly, the depths of their stupidity.” (I hope you aren’t going anywhere soon.)


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