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When Your Company Promotes From Within...

Do you set-them-up-to-succeed? Or, is your culture one that stands back to see if they sink or swim?

As you reflect on the last four or five internally promoted Supervisors:

· Have they Imitated the style of management of one of their prior bosses?

· Have they “pin-balled” into a style based on bouncing around in their decision-

making and leading behaviors? (When you bounce around, you could get a black eye.

So, they try something different each time.)

· Have they adopted an “Atilla the Hun” management style where authority is

implemented in a “my way or the highway” manner? (How’s that impact turnover?

Just asking.)

· Have they evolved into having one “effective” (or seemingly effective) tool that they

rely on solving problems. (e.g. When you have a hammer, every problem seems like a

nail. Even when it’s not.)

· Or, have you observed some who attempt to “walk the middle of the road”, which is

another way of saying being “consistently inconsistent” in how they address

problem-solving and leadership?

So, this is focused on those promoted from within so far. What about that hired-from-outside? Do you even explore how they have evolved into their Supervisory style?

I call this roulette-organization-development. Around and around it goes, what you get…It’s not their fault you know.


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