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When Was The Last Time…?

When was the last time that your Key Management members “reconfirmed and reaffirmed”, maybe even said out loud, what they understood to be the priorities, the mission, and the values of the company?

My guess, too long ago.

More than likely, metrics might get articulated. But all too typically, the ability to describe the desired company culture, the Top-Down management values to be acted out, and the social contract across Management members to be held accountable for their own behaviors and actions seem to slowly vaporize in most companies.

Am I wrong? (It got pretty quiet. Didn’t it?)

As we bring this year closer and closer to a close, (I really did try to get the word “close” in more times.) it should be a natural reflex to be thinking forward. 2021 is going to have its’ own challenges.

A couple of questions:

  • If your business is dependent upon people producing and performing, shouldn’t that be something that All of Management has the same definition for? (Shouldn’t there be agreement on “What GOOD looks like, at a minimum, to everyone?”)

  • Does your Key Management Team have sufficient confidence in their own contributions such that they can praise the skills and contribution…of each other?

2021 isn’t, all of a sudden, going to be void of obstacles and problems. Quite the contrary. Those companies that can pull together to re-discover and agree upon, both the hard-metrics standards AND agree upon the Soft-Skills necessary to achieve and exceed/ will rise above obstacles and excel.

Frank Tyger, the cartoonist, said it well. “Your future depends on many things, but mostly you.”


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