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What you say. What you do. And the words you use.

So How's That working For You?

“You teach people how to treat you by what you allow, what you stop, and what you reinforce.”

That’s what Tony Gaskins, a motivational speaker and life coach says.

One of my often shared observations is that the people you supervise are a reflection of you…your standards, your expectations and what you tolerate or don’t tolerate. Maybe that’s why I like Gaskins’ quote.

I’ve also observed that truly talented and confident people don’t put other people down; but rather lift them up. How about you?

There are quite a few letters in the alphabet. There are, in fact, 26 I believe. And, sometimes, it’s not the length of the word that belies who you really are but the letters we chose that make up the words we use.

For example:

The word Right has five letters, So does Wrong.

The word Enemies has seven letters, So does Friends.

Joy has three letters, So does Cry.

Negative has eight letters, So does Positive.

And, the word Anger has five letters, so does Happy.

When your staff talks about you when you are not around…what words do their letters make…the ones they choose.

(Just out of curiosity, which of the above words do you use the most?)


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