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What's Going On Inside Of You?

What’s Going On Inside Of You?

Ok, parable or story-with-a-moral day. (You’ll figure it out.)

Once upon a time, (which means there’s going to be an older person involved. Right. IKR) an old man wanted to teach his young Pupil, (which means it could have been a relative, or his grandchild, or an employee….) a lesson that would stay with him through a lifetime (or a career). So, he told him a story of two wolves that were inside him, the Pupil.

These were not just any two wolves. These wolves were polar-opposites (If you don’t know what that means pay more attention to Noah Webster and your math teacher about antipodes.) That means they were big-time opposites.

One wolf was always fighting with someone, about something. That wolf was guilty of self-pity, resentment, false superiority, evil and… (you get the point). The other wolf was known for his peacefulness, generosity, energy, respect for others, high personal (ok, wolf) standards, and drive.

They were fighting. Well, the one wolf was forcing the fight and the other was responding in kind.

The wide-eyed Pupil swallowed hard and asked the “older person” which wolf would win.

With that sage look that wise “older persons” have (or some bosses), (Did I just turn this into a workplace parable???) he said, “Whichever wolf you feed.”

So, what is the parable message or moral of the story? Maybe the message is that YOU have the power of conscious choice. Maybe it is that as a “boss”, you “feed the wolves”. Hmm, do you have any others?

Let us know…Grasshopper. (Some of you will get that relate. Some of you won’t.)


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