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What’s Going On In Your Workplace?

There are times when it’s difficult to find out who actually made the decision to hire some of the people who end up being staff, co-workers, or Supervisors. If you just listen and observe with both your eyes and your ears, you may recognize some of the employees I’m thinking about:

· Employee #1 – “Ok, I’m ready to call it a day.” Co-worker – “Really? It’s only 9:15 am.”

· An employee after their annual review – “Ok, my boss said I’m not getting a raise. I guess I need to lower my productivity to what I think is fair for my pay level.”

· The Boss, “We’re going to keep having daily meetings until someone figures out why nothing seems to be getting done around here.”

· “My boss told me to have a good day. Then he got mad at me for going home.”

· Overheard in the breakroom, the first day on the job, “Yeah, in my last job I was Self- Employed. It was a good job, but I got fired.”

· “I just put a note into the suggestion box to please schedule meetings around my job interviews.”

· “Oh, you’re here today. I was hoping for a good day.”

· “I really like this company’s vacation policy. There’s mine and then there’s my boss’s.”

· “Where I last worked would make people crazy, I was the Trainer.”

· “I’m exhausted today. Doing nothing takes hard work.”

· “Please don’t bother me with questions until I’ve had my first cup of coffee. BTW, I don’t drink caffeine.”

· “My boss had a counseling conversation with me today. I’m not sure, though, if it was because I was late or because I leave early.”

Do you recognize any of these behaviors as co-workers? I wonder who hired them? Who hired you?


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