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What Kind Of Toolkit Do You Equip Your Supervisors With?

One of the key “Learning Points” that I make in my “Successful Supervision Training” course is: * SET PEOPLE UP TO BE SUCCESSFUL*

It sounds so obvious. But, it’s so often not done. IKR. If you went to a mechanic to perform work on your car, you’d expect that they would have the proper tools with which to fix problems that have come up.

So, what about those people you have put into positions of authority? Sometimes they have been hired from the outside and “supposedly” bring needed experience. Sometimes you “inherit” them when you take over additional responsibility yourself. And, sometimes, they are promoted from within using one of two criteria for appointment 1) a formal, thought-out succession plan or, 2) there was a need and they had-a-pulse. (Too caustic? Well,…)

Some recently released data says $1 trillion equals 5% of the USA’s GDP. These numbers are little more than numbers if you don’t consider the story of what those numbers mean. I also forgot to mention that the 5% is a negative 5% (or decline in GDP). And, this -5% (or decline) is attributed to inefficient management.

Now, (I’m gaining in momentum..I think.) And, as an example, “exit interviews” say employees identify the Supervisor as the main reason for leaving. How expensive is it to “start over”, and over?

If it makes sense to train new hires into their new role, how can it make less sense to invest in equipping your Supervisors with the right tools necessary to do their jobs the right way?

There is a guarantee of an ROI. How do you pass that up?

So, know any good Trainers? I DO.



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