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What Influences YOU?

In the 1960s and 1970s, Abraham Maslow was “the Guy” in the world of Motivation, Personality, and the Psychology of “Being”. It was Maslow who created the pyramid-looking visual of a hierarchy of needs that motivates all of us. He proposed that, beginning with the basic physiological (bodily survival requirements like shelter and food), are satisfied; it’s then that emotional level needs like belonging, love and esteem have a major influence on what we do; and if we stay or continue our search for them.

Think about it. That Maslow guy was “tuned in” wasn’t he?

This “hierarchy of needs” thing may have already kicked In, and that’s why you left “a Job” along the way. Was it because you didn’t feel like you “fit in”? Was it because you didn’t feel like you were “valued” for what you contributed to the “big picture” of the department? Or maybe, it was because you didn’t think your boss showed any indication that you had the potential to do “more”. And, that perception did not fit with your long-range or short-range reason for “striving”, did it?

I mean really, if you were going to spend the largest part of your conscious, awake time every day at “work”, should it be where you were respected and valued at least a little, if not a lot?

So, if that insight into yourself makes any sense about what you do/did and why you did/do it, you and Abraham might have become BFFs.

Now, if it makes sense to you, thinking about YOU; doesn’t it make equal sense to apply that perspective to those people who report to you? They too are influenced by the “need” to be respected and valued. They too are hoping to find acceptance and a boss who will “invest in them”.

OK, maybe not all, but most of them are looking for that place to spend the majority of their conscious, awake time. They are looking for a place they look forward to going to every day. If they don’t find it…they go looking for it. (That means they LEAVE.) IKR

Lastly. When people “leave” a job; they have to start over again as the “new gal/new guy. That’s always fun, isn’t it?


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