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What Do Failure and Persistence Have In Common?

Let me lay a foundation for this mind exercise.

Once upon a time there was a man (No, I don’t know him personally.), who was an entrepreneur who failed at business at the age of 21. So, he changed course and focus; but lost a race for a legislative seat at the age of 22. He followed his entrepreneurial calling for the next two years; but, (Yes, you’re right.), he failed at business a second time at the age of 24. Life wasn’t any kinder after this third setback because his sweetheart died at 26 and he had a nervous breakdown at the ripe old age of 27. Things were quiet for a while; seven years in fact. It was at the age of 34 that he lost a congressional race. But he didn’t listen to those who suggested that politics might not be for him, because he lost another senatorial bid at 45 and, (IKR wait for it…) he lost in his run for the vice presidency at the age of 47. (I’m starting to question my persistence in writing any more about this guys failure.) Okay, onward. At the age of 49 he ran for and lost another bid for the Senate.

So, wouldn’t you think this guy would have learned from 9; that’s right 9 failures.

But, that’s where persistence comes in. I would point out that when one dream might come to an end, is exactly where a new beginning begins. When obstacles get in your way, I hope you continue to believe in yourself.

Achievers tell anyone who might listen, that they look back long enough to learn what was in their control and what was not in their control. Achievers, refocus and build on their strengths, hoping to not repeat mistakes.

It’s my hope that you consider yourself an achiever. It’s my hope that you have many dreams.

Oh, BTW, the guy above. At the age of 52 he was elected President of the United States. Abraham Lincoln kept getting up after getting knocked down. And, he was persistent. Wasn’t he?



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