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Want To Make Finding People to Work In Your Company Easier?

Would you like to know how it might be possible to make recruiting easier? Would you like to know how to make New Hire orientation less time-consuming?

I think I might have an answer or a formula for doing both of those things. Well, read on.

Once upon a time, there was a Psychologist named Abraham Mazlow (1908-1970). Abraham spent a lot, and I mean a lot of his time studying the workplace and people specifically, in the workplace. He was trying to understand what motivated people to Stay or to Go. And, he came up with some opinions and observations that hold true today. And this is where you might benefit from checking out Abraham.

Some of his observations include these points. The people you are hiring presumably have the skills and abilities to do the job you hired them to do. (Or else why did you hire them?) It’s what happens next that is the “opportunity space”. Consider these points:

  • Your company may have an “initial probationary period for making a “Keep or Let Go” decision.

  • Guess what, more and more today, your company and you, their direct supervisor, are on a probationary clock or calendar to Stay or Go.

  • More and more, new hires are looking for a reason to stay. They want recognition as a “real person”, not just a strong back or “a pulse”.

  • They want to be respected, be shown how to do things, and be recognized for their ability to be a contributor.

  • They want to become part of your Team, and if not, why come back tomorrow?

  • They want to be acknowledged for their worth.

  • They want to be respected.

And Mazlow was/is more right today, in this Covid/Post Covid world.

My observation, you can consider Mazlow’s observations and be proactive in taking a candid look at how you and your company are creating a workplace and work culture that people want to return to tomorrow.


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