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Want to Create a Better You?


Want to create a Better “You”?


Let me share some thoughts on how to do that. They are in no special order…because they could be/ are “number ones”. (By the way, I did not create these items. I have “encountered them” along my way). See what you think:


·       Treat people the way you want to be treated.

·       Catch people “trying”.

·       Try to Never give up on anybody and remember miracles happen.

·       Respect people enough to challenge them to reach their potential.

·       Never forget that, for most of us, one of our greatest emotional needs is to feel


·       Leave everything better than you found it.

·       Don’t “rain’ on other people’s parades.

·       Compliment at least three people every day.

·       Be “nice” to You on your ride home every day.

·       Always remember that you probably spend more time with people you work with and strive to create a culture you will want to work in...every day.


So, do want to venture out and create a better you? 


Try this “punch-list”.  




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