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Value Your Gifts...Use What You Have

Value Your Gifts…It’s Called Appreciation

(Do something with them.)

I’m pretty sure that I have told you before of my favorite consultants; the ones I continue to learn from. You know, the names, Confucius, Aesop, Sun Tzu, Yogi Berra, Harry Callahan, and on and on.

They have some great lessons. Like Sun Tzu who said “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” IKR

But this time I want to draw from “Sop”, (His nickname to his intimates is “Sop”.) He likes stories that use animals. This time it’s a beautiful peacock. Not just any peacock; but a complaining peacock. The peacock was complaining to a fox. Not only was it a complaining peacock; but it was a complaining peacock with a bad voice. So are you picturing a good looking, peacock with not only a bad voice, but an “ugly” voice. (Pretty harsh, huh.) When the fox had had enough of the complaining, it tried to point out to the peacock that though it did not have a pretty singing voice he was physically very handsome. The peacock continued to moan about how his beauty could not erase its unpleasant voice. Interrupting the peacock a second time, the fox pointed out that each of us has “it’s special gift”. For example, the owl has special vision, the eagle was one of the strongest birds, the nightingale had a beautiful voice. The fox, finished by challenging the peacock by saying, “It’s my observation that even if you had a beautiful voice, you would still complain…about something else.”

So, what’s Sop’s moral? Maybe, it’s a simple one. Maybe it’s “No one likes complainers. Or, there may be others around you with different talents and skills. Recognize your talent or talents. Develop and enhance the talent or talents you have. Don’t fall prey to envy. “Make the most of those of your own”.

Oh, not for nothin’, I can’t sing.

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