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Trust a Few, Do Wrong to None

“Love All, Trust a Few and Do Wrong to None.” Wm. Shakespeare

Bill knew how to communicate, didn’t he? Not only is it simple in its wisdom; but it is also a filter for traveling the world of work.

Now, I’ll venture into parsing Bill’s words. Exactly what does “love all” mean. (I’m not going any deeper on that one. I’ll leave that one to you.) That takes us to “trust”. What does trust look like in actions and deeds? “Do wrong to None”…Ok, that one is pretty clear. Right? (Good answer.)

It’s not too long of a leap to go from being able to “trust” someone to begin using that “friend” word. But, have you ever felt that you aren’t even friends with “your friends”? It’s story-time: “Once upon a time, (I love that beginning.) there were two boys who went for a walk in a forest; but their peaceful walk was interrupted when they stumbled on to a bear. One boy was a good tree climber and immediately set out climbing a tall tree. The second boy was not a tree climber; but had heard that many animals did not like eating already dead meat. So, the boy lay down on the ground and did not move, even when the bear sniffed over him. The bear left the boy. The boy who climbed the tree scrambled down and immediately asked the second boy if the bear had said anything to him when he sniffed him. The second boy said “Why yes, he did. He said not to hang around friends like you.” Moral? Yes, there’s a moral, isn’t there always? Here it is: “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

Add-on ideas might also include: As acquaintances form it is your responsibility to be aware of actions and deeds that occur and to recognize if mutual trust grows or if it doesn’t. Surround yourself with those you can trust and recognize when trust has limits. Friends are well worth your respect and trust. Why would you compromise on either.

Since this newsletter is more cerebral than most, allow me some “exhale-like nonsense”:

- It’s sports playoff time. How come nobody ever says “It’s just a game when their team is winning”?

- What would you think if I told you I played a blank tape full blast and the mime next door went bonkers?

- Why does a light go on when you open the refrigerator door; but not the freezer?

I’ve proved my point. Some are better than others when it comes to communicating.



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