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To Build a Team or not?

It’s a question Supervisors and Managers routinely ask. Sometimes they ask the question out-loud. Sometimes it’s one of those “not said out-loud”; only in their minds…very quietly.

Too often rookie Supervisors come to the conclusion that “Building a Team” takes more time than they want to invest. (I’ll train them and then they will leave. So, why waste my time?) IKR

But, (there’s always a “BUT” isn’t there)?

Fortunately, there are significant quantities of Supervisors and Managers who see the opportunity resident in that question. These people in Supervisor, Manager, or Leader roles recognize that training people to do more than perform the most basic tasks are achieving only partial productivity. Rather, these Managers of people are willing to “invest upfront and ongoing training” recognize that there will be an “ROI” (return on investment) for their efforts.

This latter group of Supervisors/Managers realize that this “return on this Training investment of their time” will give them back more of their time; time they can use to do other things on their “TO DO” list.

And it moves everyone reporting to these Supervisors/Managers/Leaders to evolve into a Team.

How’d that happen?


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