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Time Anxiety (Time Anxiety-itis)

Is there really such a thing? (OK, I created the condition and named it. Deal with it until the bottom of the page.)

It’s that sense or overwhelming feeling that there is never enough time to do everything. Not to your standards, and presuming that you are not meeting the expectations of others (e.g., your boss).

And when the anxiety level gets really high, do you just want to crawl into a hole?

As I have read-up on the subject, there is more than one symptom of time anxiety. For example, a form of TA. (That’s my definition I think. And it takes less time to type TA than spell out the two words.) Some forms or symptoms of TA that you might be aware of include feelings of:

  • There’s never enough time in my day.

  • At the end of the day I feel like I have spent too much time on meaningless things.

  • Too many people interrupt me, too many times, to ask too many questions that they should have been able to answer.

  • Having too much to do, felling like you’re spread too thin.

  • And……add your symptoms

Some of the remedies that you might find beneficial if you ever experience “TA-itis”?

  • Do you know what your job description is?

  • Do you know what is in your control and what is not in your control?

  • Do you ever review who is using and miss-using your time with interruptions?

  • Do you delegate? (Why not?)

My guess is that you have remedies that could help…if you used them.

So is there such a thing as Time Anxiety-itis?



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