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Things I've learned on the Animal Channel

I’m a big fan of the animal channel. And, believe it or not, it has taught me a lot of lessons that apply to business. See what you think about these three examples.

On one episode an eagle was sitting high up in a tree…not doing anything. A little rabbit on the ground hopped by and saw the eagle and dared to ask if he, too, could sit and do nothing. The eagle off-handedly responded “Sure, why not.” The little rabbit stopped its hopping and sat still, resting. Out of nowhere a coyote jumped out of the brush and ate the rabbit.

Moral of the story: To sit and do nothing, it helps to be high, very high up.

From another episode I was mesmerized by the turkey who talked to a bull. The turkey longed to be able to fly to the top of a tall tree and enjoy the view. The bull suggested that if the turkey only nibbled at his “droppings” it might grow strong from the nutrients contained therein. The turkey followed the bull’s suggestion and found that doing so gave the turkey energy enough to make it to the first branch. After the next day of eating the dung, the turkey made it even higher. Finally, after only a week, the turkey was able to make it to the very top of the tree. Sitting atop the tall tree the turkey was very proud of itself. However… a farmer emerged from the woods and matter of factly shot the turkey .

Moral of this episode: BS might momentarily get you to the top, but it won’t keep you there.

And possibly my favorite teaching episode was the one about the little bird caught in bad weather. (Is it me, or does the Animal Channel like birds (fowl) and fields?) It seems a little bird got a late start flying south for the winter and got so cold it actually froze-in-flight and fell to the ground…in a large field. It just so happened that there were cows in the field and one came by and “dropped” stuff right on him. As the little bird lay there in the dung, it began to feel the warmth of its new surroundings. (Get it, new surroundings.) Feeling so much better, and being warm instead of freezing, the bird began to sing with joy. However, a passing cat heard the singing and followed the sound. The cat discovered the bird, dug it out and enjoyed a small and unexpected hors d’oeurve.

Moral of this story (wait for it): 1) Not everyone who dumps on you is an enemy. 2) Not everyone who might get you out of “ it” is a friend. And 3) Sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut when you are in “it”.

Go figure, the Animal Channel might be renamed AKA the Business Channel (lite).

You’ll never watch the Animal Channel the same again. You’re welcome.

(Note: This newsletter aired in 2017. It’s one I get asked about it. Hope you enjoy it again.)



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