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“The Great Resignation”

A recent article in Computerworld magazine wrote about the 4.1 million employees who quit their jobs in October 2021. That’s a lot of people doing something at the same time.

In the article, they referenced a study done by Joblist, a company that helps job seekers find jobs. In the Joblist survey of 26,000 employees “22% of all job seekers reported quitting their previous job, and 73% of currently employed workers said they are actively thinking about quitting their jobs.”

I have yet to find anyone claiming to know what was unique about October, but there is a significant amount of reflection on what has led up to this “Quitting”. It’s my opinion that the Pandemic and Covid have created a “perfect storm” in the world of work, that may not be over.

As members of these voluntary job quitters are debriefed, reporters and exit interviewers hear a lot of the same things: job dissatisfaction, lack of appreciation from direct supervisor/company, not being valued and respected, lack of job security, decreasing work/life balance and (5th ranked for almost 50 years) good wages. (You can look the Employee/Company surveys up to see the full list of 10.) Add to these everyday influences: the uncertainty of covid related layoffs and lost jobs, pressure on the job to do more with fewer coworkers, the loss of loved ones and friends, and sickness, general uncertainty and just being burned-out.

A changed criterion is unfolding. Decisions are being made involving fulfillment, worth-of-time, and the idea of being a CEO of the business of me. New contracts are being formed. The partners in the contract are Me-Myself-and-I. And quite often they aren’t clearly understood by you or me, or M,M and I. They’re a work in progress.

One thing I do feel strongly about is this ride isn’t over yet. For businesses and employees, this is a time of churn. Another thing I’ll predict. YOU can’t choose to not-to-play.

Buckle up.


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