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The Comeback is Greater Than The Setback

There are times when we don’t always win. (At least that’s been my experience.) For those of you who always win and never fall short; you can stop reading right here. (Hmm, nobody left.)

In your personal life and in work, disappointments can come in larger numbers than we ever thought possible; but maybe life, in general isn’t about avoiding the “black eyes and bruises”. Maybe its about wearing those battle scars to, matter of factly, prove that we showed-up.

And, speaking of showing-up, PERSISTENCE becomes your personal trademark when, no matter how you feel, you get out of bed, YOU show up and you never give up.

And when you do…coming back is all the sweeter.

Setbacks are life-tests. Often times, some of life’s tests are things we wish had passed us by. So, remember Thomas Edison. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

In our personal lives, loss of a loved one can be devastating. When that happens, there are choices to be made. One might be to become defeated and to withdraw from everything. There is another option and that might be to go forward in celebration and in “tribute” to the departed loved one.

In your personal life and in your work life, you have choices. You do not have to forever be what happens (happened to) you, you can choose be in control of what you become.

Here’s to “freedom of choice”.


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