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The Bare Minimum or Above And Beyond

What’s your approach to life, to being a Supervisor?

Do you do the bare minimum or do you go above and beyond? And, what might the consequences be?

If you have low expectations for yourself and you achieve them…what do you get? Are you OK with a “low expectation life”? If you go just a little beyond those expectations could you possibly surprise yourself in a positive way? Are you worth surprising?

I’ve been told that if you go that “extra mile”…it’s less crowded out there.

Have you ever dared to lead? Sled dogs tell me (Yes, I can speak dog.) that if you don’t strive to lead; the view never changes. (Think about that. It will come to you.)

Sometimes it will not be your skill that causes you to achieve; but rather your will. Persistence that keeps you going can really be intimidating to your competition. When faced with the choice to walkaway or keep trying…just ask yourself the question, “Are you worth it?”

Think about it. As you are being pointed out in a room of people…”That’s ______. (He/She) is a top business person in (his/her) field; but, they have always churned and burned through a lot of people, the turnover is the highest in the field.”

It’s Ok to try to be known for mastering a skill. It’s Ok to want to excel in the world of work. It’s Ok to want to be successful. But it’s more than OK to be recognized for respecting and investing in the people who work for you. Which do you want as part of your legacy?



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