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The next time you see a bird you’re going to think of me. (And those of you who want to test the power of suggestion, go ahead. Just prove me right.)

So, where’s the “connect” to the world of work? (IKR and another “Right”.) Sooo…

Perhaps the first thing you notice when you see a bird is its amazing ability to fly. Modern birds fly using their “arms”, which have feathers and very strong muscles. But the ancestors of today’s birds couldn’t fly.

Birds evolved from a group of dinosaurs called theropods, which walked on the ground but they had wings. (Go figure.) These wings then gradually became more powerful and covered in feathers and were eventually used to fly. (It’s called evolution.)

Now, when birds first began to fly, it was not always a pretty sight. All of that wing-flapping and tripping over their own feet, and that missing a branch on a tree they thought they might land on… But it got better with patience and practice. The more experienced birds often had to give “tips” on what a “good landing” looked like.

So your job as a supervisor this week is to not only give them wings but to teach them how to fly. They have to learn how to move fast. You have to teach them they produce nothing by standing still. When they move fast, the wings will start to flap and they will fly. It will take longer than just this week; but consistent practice and patience on your part will result in you creating self-fulfilling prophecies of their success.

You, as a Supervisor might be likened to those “experienced birds”. You give the “tips” on “what good looks like.” You value the potential resident in the inexperienced. And it will be your Coaching, and even Counseling that creates birds that can fly. (Errr, a successful employee.)

So, go ahead and make a bird sound, even if other people look strangely at you.


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