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Supervisor, Managers More Challenges Ahead

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Water…or something like that

Being a good Supervisor or Manager of people has always been challenging. And, it became more of a challenge with four (4) generations in the workplace at the same time.

It has been one of my “Success-Differentiators” (And being able to use that phrase makes the point), to stay abreast of Stuff. (And, another and; those of you who have read my newsletters or attended Training facilitated by Yours Truly, know that “Stuff” is one of my technical terms. So, get ready to learn some Stuff in this newsletter about Supervising in the future. (We are nearing the end of a year, right?)

Let me just get us all on the same page: Boomers get things done. (I’m a boomer.) X’ers were the first to wear Motorola transistor radios on their arms and became known as the “entrepreneurial generation”. Then came the Y’s…the suspicious of big business generation. They are the last generation that can relate to “floppy disks”, and the epic life epic events that include “9/11” and Wall Street’s mortgage fiasco.

Now entering the workforce…YES, your next batch of new hires quite possibly…The Gen Z’ers. This generation’s heroes, I read, include Katniss Everdeen. (See, this is an example of the Stuff I know…for you.) And this group of workers-in-the-wings doesn’t know what a flip-phone is. And, their attention span is said to be 8 seconds. (No kidding.) This is a consequence of their computer technology world.

So, supervisors and managers, your job is expanding!

What is the take-away for you, the savvy reader of “So How’s That Working For You?”. You need to take advantage of your readership of SHTWFY as on-going education. (You’ll figure it out.) You also ought to consider Sharing this “Stuff” with friends and coworkers. (Lastly, if you go to you’ll see a book gift idea. Wink, wink, nod, nod.


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