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Start at the Beginning

I shared some thoughts on this subject back in 2016. I’m thinking that with all that has gone on since; like covid, remote workplaces, quiet quitting, and other stuff (Remember “stuff” is a technical term in my vocabulary.) it might be timely to revisit that wisdom. (Yes. I’m presuming to occupy that space myself.)

What’s your objective today?

If you don’t have one, it takes a lot of work to do nothing and go nowhere. On more than one occasion, I’ve had a worker tell me that finding ways to do nothing…was exhausting. And, if you don’t know where you’re going, any road or direction will get you there…so says Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland.

So, where do we start? Why, at the beginning…At Least That’s What I Thought. But, let me ask you…when you get to your destination…will you know what it looks like? (It’s a lot easier if you do.)

A journey to an objective calls for making choices along the way. And, you own your choices. Others around you know it. Do you? If you don’t take ownership of your choices you’re sort of like a baseball player who blames the bat when they aren’t hitting. But, the reality is reality isn’t it? (I actually thought I made a mistake once, but I was wrong.)

And on the journey, I encourage you to be willing to listen. You might learn some things. Besides, if you’re always talking, it will be hard for anyone else to start a conversation. (Just remember though, that if you do find yourself talking to yourself…it’s Ok as long as you don’t start the conversation. (I know.)

Success is the uncommon application of common knowledge. However, as far back as Ben Franklin, it was acknowledged that common knowledge wasn’t as common as everyone thought. Not so sure you believe that one? Just look around.

YOU determine “what’s worth your effort”. So, start at YOUR beginning and have an idea of what YOUR end destination will look like.

OK, who said they had to go to the bathroom? !


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