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Sometimes it’s not the Pandemic…

We can blame this pandemic for a lot of things. For some, it can be blamed for short-temper fuses to surface. Some of you blame your declining sense of humor on pandemic stress. (But did you have one before the pandemic?)

Are you feeling exasperated? Have you seen anybody who was exasperated? Ever wonder what provokes anger or frustration? Have you ever had the best of intentions go wrong? Have you ever tried really hard to have a successful outcome; but end up bewildered?

How about quick decisions that backfire? Pepsi launched an advertising campaign years ago, as they were trying to open a new China market using its slogan “Come alive with the Pepsi generation.” Unfortunately, in Chinese, it translated into “Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave”. Key learning: Which is better, Ready, Fire, Aim or Ready, Aim, Fire?

Some of you have suggested that some of your co-workers are behaving differently. I’ve added a new descriptive term to my vocabulary: GARBAGE Truck behavior. That’s when a person goes around just brim-full of garbage, full of anger, full of frustration and disappointment, short-fused and just looking for a place or someone that they can dump it on. Key take-away message…” Stay away from Garbage truck people, but when it comes to the ones who come to your house, give them a smile to make their day better.” And, say “Thank You.”

Don’t make work problems harder than they really are. For example, the cure for a high turnover rate is…wait for it. INCREASED RETENTION. And, in order to increase retention…REDUCE TURNOVER. IKR Simple, isn’t it?

On a more serious note, “Set People Up To Succeed” when you hire them. And give them reasons to stay; not reasons to go.


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