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So Is There A Time Listen a Little more?

Some of you may work with those “dominant personalities”, and those “air hogs” at the office. As enticing as it might be to look forward at your next meeting to just be louder and more vocal than they are…and go first; let me share a short story with you. And there is a moral to the story. IKR

“Once upon a time, (I couldn’t help it.”) a Boss was having a staff meeting when a genie appeared in the conference room and declared that 3 of the people in the room make a wish that would be granted. Everybody in the room was stunned and sat in silence taking everything in…except two wise guys who charged the genie. The first one said I want to be on the beach in Hawaii. The second one made a similar wish; they wanted to be on the beach in Mexico. The room began to mumble when the Boss waved his hand to silence the room. The Boss said I want those two back after lunch.

What’s the moral? I can think of a couple: 1) sometimes it’s wise to let the Boss have the first word. And 2) Listen more. Blurt-out less.

Einstein once said that if given 60 minutes to solve the world’s most complex problem he would spend the first 50 minutes understanding the problem. His logic, if he genuinely understood the problem he would already be on the path to a solution.

(And, he wouldn’t have to start over after lunch.)


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