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So Hows That Working For You? Promotion or Anointment Dec.12, 2018

Are you giving people the tools to do their jobs?

Congratulations on Your Promotion or

Good Monday Morning to You…Poof, You’re Anointed…You Are Now The Manager

How did it happen to you? Or, how did you do it to those “promoted from within”?

These people whom you/your organization, have elevated to the role of supervising other people in your organization…how much developmental training time was invested in their potential to grow “successfully” into this job? Or, maybe, once anointed/appointed into the role, how much training have you put in to the process of educating them to the options available to them to solve problems.

I read somewhere that a Team is several individuals with differing social styles, different personalities, and different backgrounds and experiences. A Team is also a group of people who have different preferences when it comes to rewards, recognition, and receipt of feedback. Nothing complex at all. IKR

Your Supervisors are expected to guide and juggle all of these differences…to positive outcomes. So, How’s That working For You?

How are they developing their Supervisory Styles? Is it the old black-and-blue, learn what gets a black eye or get lucky? Is it by process of imitation? Or, is it by conscious choice? What is the cost of their mistakes?

I come from a time yet to come, a future that isn’t here yet. (IKR that would make it the present wouldn’t it?) Ok, I attended the Francis Assisi School of Management (Look it up.) I’m from the school of: “The best way to reach goals is to not be starting over all of the time.” I minored in “The best way to reduce turnover is to increase retention. The best way to increase retention is to reduce turnover.”

Are you Setting your Supervisors up for SUCCESS or hoping they will get lucky?

Are you the right one to do the teaching? Are you up to the task? Step up. If not, find someone who can.


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