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So How's That working For You? Have you ever fallen prey to frustration? Dec. 20, 2018

How many times have you frustrated a chicken?

Consider today is “Truth Day”…with a tinge of irreverence and sarcasm.

Many of us like to claim ownership of Common Sense. But let’s face it, we consider Common Sense to be a gift. But, it can also be a curse because you have to put up with everyone who doesn’t possess the same gift. (Right? IKR)

And, when we get frustrated, it’s difficult to remind themselves that it could be that our expectations are the cause of our frustrations. So, wouldn’t it be fair to say, “He/she who expecteth nothing won’t be deceived.”? My Dad used to say that when customers frustrated him. He was shaking his head when he said that too. (Are you shaking your head?)

This topic must be one that comes around a lot because there are actually quotes on the Internet, like “Don’t Stress the could haves. If it should have, it would have.” Anonymous.

And, to paraphrase one of my “Coachees” (No, Not an Indian.), “Not bright people were put on this earth to test my Supervisory skills. I’m convinced of it.” (I had my work cut out for me with that one.) At one point in the initiative I actually considered having him tape a sign on his desk that said “Bang head here”. But, let me quickly insert that I did counsel him to do sparingly.

However frustrated you might feel, it could be worse. Don’t think so? Try playing Twister with colorblind people?

“Bang head here”. (Cut this out and tape this to your desk.)

Really, some of you are!!!!


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