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So How's That Working For You? Are You a ship in a bottle Dec. 26, 2018

Don’t Be A Ship In A Bottle

It’s almost year’s end. Some of you may already be “crafting your new year’s resolution”. (IKR)

Here’s an idea. “Don’t Be A Ship In A Bottle”.

Have you ever seen one? Maybe you’ve actually built one.

Maybe you didn’t really appreciate that the one you’ve been building is actually you.

A ship in a bottle is well made. It has all of the pieces and parts. It might actually float. But it never does. Maybe, have all the parts. Maybe you actually have the skills of a sailor. But…but have you actually left dry land? Ships were made to sail; not look pretty in a bottle or on dry land.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. Ralphie Boy had a way with words. Didn’t he?

If this has been a year of quiet growth, why quiet?

If you think you have potential, why not find out? If you look in the mirror and recognize talent, why not apply it?

In this time of year when we re-learn things from Charlie Brown, there’s more to learn from Charles Schulz: “There is no heavier burden than an unfulfilled potential.”

When you look backward, make it a short glance, a learning glance. Look forward and inside of you, dare to strive.

Commit to growing you and growing those around you. Don’t be a ship in a bottle.


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