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So, How's That Working For You?

So How's That Working For You?

Wait, isn’t that just repetitively redundant? Well, yes it is. (Glad to see you are paying attention so far.) The fact is, a number of you are telling me that is what is happening in the “work from home phase” or just “staying at home phase” over the last couple of weeks.

Many of you like working from home…when it’s your choice; not so much when it’s somebody else’s direction. And then there are some of you who would like to work anywhere. And time seems to move more slowly lately, doesn’t it? Like, more than once I hear myself asking was today Tuesday or Wednesday. (You’re wrong whichever choice you made.) Just think about it for a little bit. It won’t come to you then, either. (That was a spot quiz to see if you were still paying attention.) And if you have come around the corner in your home to hear someone talking to themselves…it’s OK if they didn’t start the conversation.

I hope you are taking care and staying healthy. I’ve been really struck by how many families and couples are out (honoring Social Distancing) and walking their neighborhoods. Go figure, it might become a habit. (IKR.) I’ve actually had neighbors tell me that their teenage children have re-learned how to speak in complete sentences. And their kids have followed behind and said their parents know more than “NO”.

Be healthy. Be patient. Be mindful of “doing the right thing”.

Since I have you as a captive audience (Unless you stop reading right now.) …

A Supervisor was frustrated by seemingly having to repeat directions over and over. One day he had a department meeting and said. “Ok, I’m tired of having to repeat myself. I want anyone who thinks they are too dumb to understand me to stand up.” He didn’t think anyone would stand up, but Joe did (there’s a Joe everywhere). The Supv. didn’t know what to really say. So, he said, “Joe do you really think you are dumb.” Joe paused for a split second and replied, “No boss, I just didn’t want you to stand there alone.”

Have a good week.


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