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So How's That working For You?

Delegate! You can't do it alone.

Did You Ever Notice That Sometimes We Make Things Harder Than They Have To Be?

Yes, I’m suggesting that “We can be our own worst enemy.” We, Supervisors and Managers, can sabotage things that could have been successes?

It has been suggested that delegating can be difficult, almost impossible, for some bosses; especially newly appointed, promoted or knighted supervisors. The excuses and rationalizations might run the gamut from “If I want it done right, I’ll have to do it myself.” Or, “I don’t have confidence in the talent I have inherited.” And, and on…

Now it has been my experience that if you, as a Supervisor or Manager, want to work 160 hours per week…knock yourself out. Don’t do any delegating; because that’s exactly what you’ll do…knock yourself out. Because, that’s exactly what will happen. You’ll burn yourself out. Then, what will be the rationalization or excuses.

It’s sometimes timely to remind yourself that you, yes you, actually did the job you are unwilling to delegate. How did that happen? Who delegated it to you?

You’ve heard me say before that the people who report to you…are a reflection of you.

The best Supervisor or Manager is the one who has the sense to pick talented, good people to do the job that needs to be done, AND, possesses the self-restraint to keep from micro-managing those people while they do it.

Good Supervisors monitor performance and point out needed course-corrections along the way. They recognize when learning includes making mistakes, not repeating those mistakes and understanding “why” the mistake occurred.

Invest in people. The ROI can be amazing.



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