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So How's It Going?

You’ve heard my take on having 86,400 seconds in your day. How you use them is in your control, but easily overlooked when we allow other people to waste them. Or, do we make unwise choices about what to do or not do. Whether it’s at home or at work, “How’s it going?”

Up for a Quiz? You can take it and not tell anybody else how you think you scored. Ok, that’s better. You’re in right? Draw a line down the middle of a page of paper. Label the top left half Non-Work Time. Now, oh come on, you’re getting ahead of me. Label the right half Work time. Ready? Read these questions out loud. (Because I said so. It’s my Quiz.)

- What do you look forward to?

- What have you done today to make someone’s life better?

- What gives you “meaning”? (Ok, you have to define meaning I guess.)

- What would happen if you never wasted another minute of your life?

- Are you content? If you’re not, what is the source of your discontent?

- Are you satisfied with the work you do? (Yes, you do “work” when not at work.)

- Do you follow through on commitments?

-How do you apply the “learning” from this day?

- What are you looking forward to?

- What is the source of your procrastination? (We all have something we procrastinate about.)

- Who are you becoming? (Umm, a toughie.)

- How often do you keep in touch with family and friends?

- If you had to teach someone one thing, what would you teach?

- What gives you peace? Are you the kind of person you want to meet?

- Does “A negative mind will never give you a positive life.”, apply to you?

- Will you be remembered for “lifting people up”?

And now, both halves at the same time, when someone sees your name on their caller-ID, what thoughts and feelings do you want them to have? What are you doing to make that happen?

“So, How’s It Going?”



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