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So, how about your interview process?

I heard this story…(don’t I always seem to hear stories?)

It seems this HR executive expired. (We all have one, an expiration date, we just may not know when it is.) He/she arrived in heaven only to find that all the room was taken up and they would have to go “down there” for a temporary time. And, while there, they might be able to request which place they wanted to eventually spend their eternity. (I can imagine some of you already making “Uhmm” sounds.) It was really nice “up here”…but?

“Down there” the HR exec met the “Big Guy”, who showed him/her around the golf course and clubhouse. He/she were shown fancy Retail shops and fancy restaurants. (Yes, those restaurants were still open.) And, he/she said to themself: “Self, this place is pretty cool.” At about that time, (whenever that time is.) the word came that they could return “up there.”

On the way back to “up there”, he/she had time to think. Even though it was the blink of an eye. (However long that is. IKR) So, he/she got to pick where they wanted to spend eternity. The choice was “down there”. It had so much to offer. And, in another blink…they were back “down there”.

But, it was all changed. There was no golf course or clubhouse. There were no fancy stores or restaurants. Right about then the “Big Guy” appeared and asked him/her why they were frowning. The HR exec pointed out all of the changed things. The “BG” smiled ever so slightly and said, “Yesterday we were recruiting you. Today, You are staff….!!!”

SO. How truthful is your organization in spelling out the workplace culture of your organization? How candid are your interviewers when it comes to explaining “expectations” and explaining what “positive accountability” is? And, do your interviewers take the time to explain “what good looks like?”

So, how about your workplace? Is it a heaven or is it a…..?


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