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Side Effects of a wandering Mind

I have begun hearing of the “unexpected” travels that people’s minds take during this time of pandemic impact on workplace routines, style changes observed in Supervisors, and the varied ways individuals go about the task of “doing their jobs”. The simplest of tasks and the “near bizarre” thinking that takes place to explain why people behave the way they behave can be cause for pause. Let’s see:

  • Does it ever seem to you that the job of Supervisors is to make things more difficult?

  • How often have you participated in conversations that suggest that your boss isn’t the brightest bulb in the box? (Did you ever pause long enough to consider that they hired you?)

  • Do any of you have a co-worker who talks to their computer, and specifically about their frustration with how many times they hit the ESCAPE key but finds themselves still there?

  • And forget the generation, there are always those co-workers who say “I always give 100% every week: 10% on Monday, 20% on Tuesday, 35% on Wednesday, 23% on Thursday, and 12% on Friday.”

  • Then there are office meetings. How many of your co-workers sit through the meeting wondering how they got the conference table through the office door…just like you?

  • Sound logic is sometimes appreciated after it has marinated a bit; like “If your self-assessment is that you rarely succeed on your first try; don’t try sky diving.”

These are strange, unfamiliar, and disquieting times. Give yourselves permission to smile, laugh, or just shake your head.


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